McDonald vs. Taco Bell – Breakfast Wars

Every fast-food restaurant has its own uniqueness. Everyone has their own pros and cons but in this era of rating and appreciation, every fast food restaurant has to run considering every competent fast food restaurant. As we all know McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food chains in the whole globe, Tacobell gives it a tough competition. Both of them try to provide visitors with the best breakfast menu.

Why Breakfast Menu

In the west, Breakfast is a must. If the breakfast goes excellent, the whole day will be worth it. Bearing in mind this fact, every food store has introduced new and extremely affordable breakfast menus that resulted in the breakfast wars between America’s largest.

A Comparison Between Both – McDonald vs. Tacobell

McDonald’s serves customers with American style food usually but sometimes, some deals contain inter-continental food too. As of Tacobell, it merges American recipes with an Italian touch. McDonald’s has more than 32,000 locations globally while taco bell loses the race with 6,000+ locations globally. McDonald’s has more experience as it is 76 years old and Tacobell is just 54 years old.

Let’s see the breakfast war between both well-reputed restaurants.

These wars are entrancing people’s attention since 2015. As of the news, Tacobell compared McDonald’s to communist regime and McDonald’s replied this by reminding customers the defects of eating “round” breakfast sandwiches yeah the tacos. McDonald’s gave a free Egg McMuffin to a taco bell receipt holder. In reply to Tacobell, McDonald’s recently introduced the new breakfast menu which includes cherry fried pies, petite pastries, etc. Taco bell in reply to McDonald’s happy hour introduced Happier Hour Program which includes a menu for dollar one!

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